The rain fell for most of the three day photography adventure only adding to the visual drama of the stunning environment of The Trossachs, The Tay Forest area and finally The Cairngorm National Park.

The chance of rain in The Trossachs is almost a certainty at this time of year, however this resulted in a few dramatic images.

The Queen Elizabeth Forest has several viewpoints thay with jaw dropping views that made the meandering drive up the road worth the effort of getting lost every other turn.


The Tay Forest was the most visually satisfying view of the week as we walked up the hill at Allean the stunning panoramic view of the surrounding hills made the trekking worth while.

The lack of snow in The Cairngorm National Park almost disappointed, however, just as we left the tourist area of Glenshee heading in a Northern direction back through Aberdeenshire the Sun broke through the clouds creating visual ambiguity resulting in the following images.

It is easy to forget how fortunate we are living in Scotland with such diversity of landscape on our doorstep or just a few hours drive.