I would describe myself as a frustrated painter and photography  aids to sooth the creative itch. At the moment this will continue until I find a studio space to creat work. I studied painting at Grays School in Aberdeen graduating in 2007.

Water Based Working Drawing

I had bought myself a relatively cheap Panasonic Lumix which was great value for money, I had used it to take photographs on location whilst doing research with the intention of creating working drawings that would eventually develop into paintings.

Aberdeen Beach After The Storm

I am  a great believer in location drawing, weather permitting. I find the process more productive than the alternative  option of using a camera and developing  drawings in the studio. In my opinion the beauty of location drawing is that the mark making begins at a much earlier stage in the development of work. This was a great tool or process that helped to create a  less obvious results.

Black Biro Location Drawing 

Water Based Developmental Drawings

Final Pieces

Oil on canvas 5′-5′
Oil on canvas 8.5′-5′
Oil on canvas 5′-5′
Oil on canvas 5′-4′
Oil on canvas 5′-4′
Oil and Wax on Canvas 2.5′-4′

Of course painting and photography have an obvious relationship, both tools used to record, express inform and so on.  Naturally due to the development and research process my interest in painting has shifted. My previously goal was to capture likeness or achieve recognition. I worked a lot from photos; bought magazines just as a reference so that I could practice drawing, applying colour in washes, several layers of paint until I achieved something I was happy with. I now considered that a waste of good paint.

Oil on Card

Gouache on Card
Oil and Wax 10cm-10cm
Oil and Wax 10cm-10cm

Nikon D3100

I received a Nikon D3100 as a gift from my girlfriend several years ago and began to attempt Landscape Photography. I took the Nikon with me when and wherever we went out and about; pulling the car over where possible then walking until I found what I thought was the best place to capture an image of the subject in hand.

Aberdeen Midwinter Sunrise
Worth getting out of bed for this shot.


Johnshaven Harbour

Street Photography 

Due to work patterns I often had days off through the week. I liked to head into town to a coffee or bookshop regardless of the weather.

Romani  Musician
Rainy Midsummer Union Street Aberdeen
One Man and His Dog
McCombies Court View of Bus Stop
Netherkirkgate Aberdeen
Arriving from The North Aberdeen Platform
Looking South Aberdeen Train Station
Castlegate Aberdeen


Other Streets

Braemar Busker

Nikon D550

I recently purchased a Nikon D550 as I had damaged my D3100 due to heavy-handed cleaning. It still works but only using the digital view finder. I still use it along with the D550, I guess it gives me a second lens option whilst out on a shoot without having to change lens on location.

Although painting is my key interest I intend to continue to develop and broaden my knowledge of photography. I have plenty to learn about the settings and technical aspect of digital photography. Hopefully the summer will bring good weather so I can get out and about exploring more photographic opportunities.