I have been trying out Urban Photography for a few years. Quite often using my camera phone. I first began taking pictures with a Samsung Note3 and Nikon D3100.  My mobile of choice is now a Samsung S6, I still use the D3100 and now also have a Nikon D550.

 I first became interested in the concept or Idea of North whilst studying at Art School. My concept of North may differ from yours; it is not as simple as a course of direction, True, Grid or Magnetic. In Scotland  The North is often associated with rural tranquillity, isolation beauty and the romance of tartan shortbread tins. Peat bogs, snowcapped hills; windswept beaches and Highland cattle; backward village boys with flat caps and overalls. Romantic crap invented by the odd halfwit, for the want of a better description a “hullick oshyt”   ( pile of crap). Regardless of idea it is nothing more than a theory, nonetheless a nice research theme.

As a student at Art School I tried to use The Idea of North as a theme, my final pieces evolved from drawings based on agriculture.

Flywheels on Pallet
Cartwheel and Parts on Pallet

Urban life was an unfamiliar concept to me back then as I had always lived in a village in Central Buchan. I have now lived in Aberdeen for eight years; although it is an Urban environment it still distinctly Northern, by this I mean it’s several years behind Southern Towns when it comes to trend, transport and road networks. If you was a visitor to Aberdeen it would be difficult to tell that it was once an Oil Boom city. 

The popular idea of trends beginning in The South and spreading in a Northern direction may itself may not be entirely accurate. Stone Circles in The North of Scotland predate Stonehenge by several hundred years. The North perhaps wasn’t always The Arsehole of  Nowhere.

The following images were captured whilst wandering around North East Scotland. Most of the photographs were shot in Aberdeen however a few were captured in other towns in the area. 

View George V Bridge Aberdeen Sunrise
View of Bus Stop Looking Through McCombies Court
Bowling Club Holborn Street Aberdeen Abergeldie
North Platform Aberdeen
Looking South Aberdeen Train Station
Pro Independence Gathering
Mercat Cross
Romani Musician
Summer Bunting
Braemar Busker
Fraserburgh Harbour
View of Fraserburgh

I believe that a visual documentation is important. It’s not only an easy way to record information it is also a great way to promote Scotland.